Portneuf Medical Center


In the spring of 2014 Portneuf Medical Center assigned Steele with the job of promoting a highly competitive category in the healthcare arena. Pocatello has a very robust and skilled enclave of orthopedic practitioners. The decision was made to create a campaign to tell the residents of Southeast Idaho just how effective these caregivers are.

After presenting the strategy and creative Steele went to work identifying orthopedic physicians and their patients. Candidates were reviewed from all across southeast Idaho. The sample of patients that were subsequently selected represented a variety of case studies involving different injuries to help illustrate the depth of orthopedic care that is available.


It was decided to create a communication effort that featured all the orthopedic physicians in stand-alone, mini campaigns. Each physician segment was scheduled to run a prescribed period of time and then would be replaced by the next installment. In this way each practitioner was assured equal exposure. Large space newspaper and outdoor anchored the effort and TV was used to help deliver increased reach to the campaign.

The campaign stressed the relationship between each physician and his patient. The TV commercials were shot on location to help deliver a high degree of authenticity. The physicians, visited dairy farms, rode horseback and dirt bikes, and even attended dance lessons with their patients.


The unique nature of the campaign generated a high level of awareness in the market. Each participating physician received positive feedback from numerous sources, both patient and non-patient alike. Analysis on new patient visits was not maintained. However, by all counts, the campaign successfully delivered all the key communication points of orthopedic healthcare that PMC management had identified.