Creative Services

“The work.”

Ideas and execution are what separate one agency from the next, one company from another, and ultimately, your product from its competitors.

Creative development at Steele Branding follows a disciplined process that guarantees the message we develop will communicate effectively to a well-defined target audience and make a meaningful connection with the consumer.

The first step in the process requires the account manager to sit down with you and complete a written creative brief. This document identifies the product benefits, primary and secondary target audiences, priority objectives, and other key issues important to the project.

We go through this exercise because, in communications, there is a myriad of creative solutions. The most effective spring from correctly defining the elements and goals of the project before one line of copy is written. This information serves as the foundation from which gifted writers and artists build targeted, memorable communications.

Our creative products combine our clients’ strategic objectives, consumer insights gained via research and observation, and the truly unique creative thought processes of our staff. This fusing of differing thought processes, while not an easy task, does lead to truly significant communication.

Working from the creative brief, Steele Branding follows these general rules and standards when crafting your message:

  1. Define the purpose and objectives of the message.
  2. Understand what motivates the target audiences and learn what the competition does, both successfully and unsuccessfully.
  3. Understand the product and how it benefits the target audiences.
  4. Seek solutions that respect and represent the true character and personality of the advertiser.
  5. Create memorable work that speaks to the target audiences in words and images that motivate them to act.
  6. Persuade with honesty and class; never preach or rely on hucksterism.
  7. Continually measure results; never be afraid to change a tactic.
  8. Accept nothing less than excellence.