Strategic Planning

Steele Branding employs a strategic approach to solving communication problems.

We are of the firm belief that great advertising comes from a sound business strategy, not vice versa. Our business process starts with understanding our clients’ strategies and business objectives and working from there. Whenever practical, we prefer to participate in our clients’ strategic development process. Because of our skill set, which is somewhat unique in the industry, we are able to truly add value for our clients far beyond what may be expected from a typical advertising agency.

While specifics differ depending on the particular industry, client or aspect of the overall communications program, the following structure guides our work:

Gather information

Research consumer, competitor, and industry data so that decisions are made with the confidence that the important facts regarding the problem are known and understood.

Describe the Situation

Based upon analysis of the research by key client and agency staff, describe the current market situation from the viewpoint of the communications program.

Define the Problem

Answer the following questions:

  • What shortcomings exist in the product or present approach?
  • What strengths exist and how can we capitalize on them?
  • What perceptions or practices in the target market need to be changed?

Succinctly state which aspects of the situation can be affected through advertising, promotion, public relations, or other communications effort.

Develop the Strategy

Examine alternative solutions to the problem. Which of the possible strategies holds the greatest potential for solving the problem as it has been defined?


Implement the favored strategy through the production and placement of advertising, promotion, public relations, or other communications options.


Assess the actual effects against previously determined objectives (usually, measurable objectives as defined by the client and the agency).

Reassess and Renew the Cycle

Communication efforts take place in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. The communication effort itself, whether successful or not, will in turn alter that environment. Each cycle, therefore, gives planners a fresh understanding of the situation, allowing redefinition of the problem and refinement of the strategy and the implementation.

Steele Branding follows this methodology as a general approach to the work we perform on our clients’ behalf.