Media Buying

Steele Branding has successfully executed our clients media plans for 30 years. Our ability to purchase the right medium at the right time for the right client is one part research and one part experience.

Of course, keeping up with the changing media world requires the use of a veritable library of research, analysis and measurement tools. At Steele Branding we have access to the best:

  • Arbitron Radio Estimates
  • ABC Audit Services
  • Marketing Resources Plus
  • Nielsen TV Estimates
  • Standard Rate & Data Services
  • Telmar
  • Mediamark Research Inc.

These tools enable us to evaluate media opportunities qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

Media Process

The agency’s media department functions on a sound and tested procedural system that benefits from the skills of both people and technology. Planning often includes a zero-based media and budget approach, which we have found is the best way to achieve most media objectives while securing the lowest possible rates.

We begin by creating market segmentation and demographic profiles of target cities or regions. Working from the creative brief, these profiles give us a firm understanding of consumer desires, preferences and concerns. They are the starting point for the media planning process.