Client Services

Steele Branding assigns an account manager to oversee and coordinate all aspects of your communications program. The selection is based upon the account manager’s industry knowledge, technical skills, and an assessment of your needs. The details of client contact, review procedures, and degree of involvement are mutually determined by the person(s) assigned to the account and the client. In the Steele Branding scheme, each account manager performs the following functions:

  1. Works with the client and agency to coordinate marketing and communication strategies, to make sure creative and media tactics are on target and to make sure your goals and needs are met. At all times, he or she is guided only by what is in your best interests.
  2. Serves as the principal agency liaison with the client to:
    • Learn everything possible about your product and company.
    • Learn everything possible about your customers and competition.
    • Always be available to you and responsive to your needs.
    • Provide marketing & advertising leadership.
    • Keep you informed and up-to-date.
    • Keep new ideas going at all times.
    • Manage all the projects on which the agency is working on your behalf.
  3. Possesses the technical background and skills to achieve your goals through integrated marketing communications strategies.