Digital Healthcare Marketing

Your website is a significant touchpoint for your patients and your community. It’s important that your website can be found and has the information and services that people are looking for. Steele Branding not only has the expertise to build a strong online presence for your hospital or clinic, but we also have years of experience in healthcare marketing.

Website Development

Steele builds or upgrades healthcare websites. Each website is dynamic, responsive and includes the content and features needed to effectively promote your hospital or clinic.


The user interface is responsive, engaging and easy to use. The navigation is intuitive, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. Dynamic photography can be used to enhance the appearance.

Mobile Friendly

The website is responsive, meaning that it will work effectively on all sizes of screens including smartphones, tablets and laptops.


The homepage is often the first impression. It is designed to promote hospital services and upcoming events. There are often quick links on the homepage to important services such as bill payment and patient portal.


Effective content on your website can help establish your hospital of clinic as the area healthcare authority. Steele can build websites from a few to hundreds of pages of content. We can write original healthcare content or adapt information from existing literature, brochures and other sources.

Patient Portal

The “patient portal” is the jumping point for various online services such as bill payment or health records. These services are often provided by various 3rd-party vendors. Steele can build a cohesive, patient portal page that provides the instructions needed to use these online services.

Blog for Articles, News & Events

An integrated blog can be set up where health articles and hospital news can be posted. Periodically posting health articles written by local providers will help promote your services and increase the authority of the hospital. Videos can also be integrated in the blog posts.

Online Class Registration

Steele can set it up so that users will be able to securely register online for upcoming classes and events. The online registration can also be integrated with PayPal, allowing users to pay for the class at the time of registration. Instructors and administrators will be able to easily view and print class rosters.

Events Calendar

A calendar is a great way to showcase upcoming classes, events, sponsorships, clinics, etc. If the class or event requires registration, the calendar will be directly connected to the online registration page. The events calendar can also be integrated with Facebook events.

Job Openings / Physician Recruitment

It’s important to attract the right people to your organization. Many hospitals and clinics use a 3rd-party service to manage job openings and physician recruitment. Steele can also provide a module to will allow you to post job openings, including physician opportunities, on the website. Users will be able to securely apply and upload a résumé or CV online. Your managers will be able to view, download and print applications and résumés.

Reports & Analytics

Steele will set up Google Analytics to track and report on visits to the website and where they originated. Administrators will also have access to view and print this information.

Onsite Training

Steele will provide training and support to people who need to manage the different areas of the website.

Secure Hosting

Steele can set up a web hosting server for your website. Steele will also install a SSL certificate that will help secure the website. Secure websites also tend to rank higher in search engines.

Ongoing Website Maintenance & SEO

As part of an ongoing agreement, Steele would help improve the online presence of your hospital or clinic. This would include updates to the website, SEO and online listing management as described below. Steele could also provide additional training as part of this agreement as needed.

Website Maintenance

Once the initial website is set up, Steele recommends continued content development. This will help the website rank higher on Google searches. This will also help build awareness and confidence in the local hospital. Content may include adding more definition to hospital services, blog posts, event announcements, physician articles, etc. Website maintenance would also include periodic updates to the software to ensure that the website continues to perform efficiently and securely.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Steele will continue to make sure that the website is can be easily found by search engines.

Listing Management

It’s important to make sure contact information for your organization is correct across the Internet. People often do a Google search to find an address or phone number instead of going to the website. Steele will spend time each month monitoring online directories to make sure all the information is correct.

Social Media Management

Steele can help make regular posts to your Facebook page or other social media channels. Steele can also set up small Facebook campaigns to promote specific services or events.


Video marketing is an effective way to build awareness and drive traffic to your website. Steele has extensive experience in working with physicians and medical staff to create interesting, informative videos. Steele can post and promote these videos on YouTube where they can be shared on the website and Facebook and other social channels


High-quality images for the website can either come from original onsite photography or stock photography. Steele can coordinate onsite photo shoots. Steele also has access to high-end stock photography.